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All prices quoted for our products exclude preparation of artwork. For Action Graphics to create your design for your product please supply us with the ingredients of what you would like to incorporate in the design including relevant headings and text, photos and logos, if any.

Alternatively, for a small setup fee, we can accept your own finished ready-to-use artwork. To enable us to process your order promptly, please send us your files to meet the guidelines and formats listed as follows:

1. Adobe Illustrator CS2/CS3:  EPS, PDF or AI files. Please convert all fonts to paths.

2. Adobe Photoshop CS2/CS3: EPS, PDF or PSD files. Please flatten layers and make sure that images are a minimum of 100 pixels per inch at printing size.

3. Adobe Indesign CS2/CS3: Make sure you convert all fonts to outlines.

Convert all colour to RGB including embedded images. Bleeds, when necessary, should be a minimum of 10mm. All bitmaps should be supplied at a resolution no less than 100dpi.

Email your files to
or send to Action Graphics, P.O. Box 17, Dalveen, Qld 4374

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